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INGRID LAUBROCK with MARY HALVORSON / KRIS DAVIS / NATE WOOLEY - Contemporary Chaos Practices (Intakt 314; Switzerland) "Ingrid Laubrock's credentials as an ambitious, skillful composer of intricate yet visceral works for small ensembles is well established – not least on the evidence of her excellent, much-admired Intakt recordings. Whether writing for conventionally constituted assemblages like her quintet Anti-House, or for a more unusual complement, like the mix of tuba, koto, electronics, and more that she convened two years ago for Serpentines, Laubrock has demonstrated a formidable capacity for writing music of intricacy, integrity, and broad appeal. The critic Steve Smith writes in the liner notes: "The present recording, recorded in a studio by an ensemble of first-call freelancers led by two ideally sympathetic conductors, Eric Wubbels and Taylor Ho Bynum, provides eloquent evidence of what Laubrock has achieved. Both of her orchestral pieces – Vogelfrei, with its variegated textures, animated rhythms, swooping vocals, and inexorable momentum; and Contemporary Chaos Practices, where four instantly distinguishable soloists (Mary Halvorson, Davis, Wooley, and Laubrock herself) retain their individuality while negotiating a brilliantly rendered aural landscape – serve notice of an estimable composer who has something to say, and knows exactly how to say it."
Since moving to New York nearly a decade ago, I've had the opportunity to watch Ingrid Laubrock grow and evolve as a musician, composer and multi-bandleader. Over some four dozen discs as a leader or collaborator, as well as witnessing dozens of performances, Ms. Laubrock has consistently surprised me time and again. Her half dozen+ discs on the Intakt label show immense signs of growth, and an admirable sense of adventure and risk-taking. This disc is perhaps her most ambitious effort so far, utilizing the talents of a 35 piece orchestra plus another eight vocalists. Ms. Laubrock has also chosen a handful of well-selected soloists/collaborators: Mary Halvorson, Kris Davis and Nate Wooley as well as her own tenor & soprano sax, to be featured in different sections, all four in especially fine form. I like the way the orchestra reaches up to surround and/or support the soloists, carefully adding layers or shades sympathetically or robustly at times as well. Some of the more mysterious or chaotic-sounding arranging for the strings and reeds, recalls Xenakis or Penderecki, while the soloists add their own twists and turns the different currents. There is a good deal of fascinating activity and shape-shifting spirits going on here, which will take some time to fully absorb. Bravo to Ingrid Laubrock and her extraordinary orchestra, this disc will no doubt show up on a number of year-end Best Of lists!
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