Reggie Workman: Bass
Andrew Cyrille: Drums
Oliver Lake: Alto Saxophone, Flute

Geri Allen: Piano

1. Introduction by Gianni Valenti, Birdland 0 : 31
2. Blues for Peter 9 : 57
3. Ghost of Love 10 : 25
4. New Musical Express 13 : 40
5. Intermission 8 : 41
6. What's Your Story, Morning Glory 8 : 24
7. Libra 2 : 54
8. Roll'Em 12 : 46

All compositions by Mary Lou Williams except Intermission by Mary Lou Williams and Milton Suggs.
Compostions published by Cecilia Music Publishing Co., except Roll'Em by EMI-Universal.
Recorded August 19, 21, 2010 by Peter Karl at Birdland Jazzclub New York.
Mixed by Peter Karl, Andrew Cyrille and Oliver Lake at Studio Peter Karl, Brooklyn, NY.
Mastered by Peter Karl at Studio Peter Karl.
Liner notes: Peter O'Brian, Geri Allen, Andrew Cyrille.
Photos: Richard Conde. Cover art: Oliver Lake. Graphic design: Jonas Schoder.
Produced by Intakt Records, Patrik Landolt.


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Fünf Abende spielte das Trio 3 mit der Pianistin Geri Allen im New Yorker Jazzclub Birdland Kompositionen der Jazzpianistin Mary Lou Williams: CELEBRATING MARY LOU WILLIAMS. Überaus frische und eigenständige Interpretationen einiger der schönsten Stücke der «First Lady of Jazz».

Mary Lou Williams war die bekannteste Pianistin des Swing. Sie arrangierte für Duke Ellington und spielte in unzähligen Bands und Orchestern. Ihre Musik enwickelte sich von Ragtime über Swing und Blues und orientierte sich auch an moderner Harmonik. In der Carnegie Hall trat die Pianistin innert Jahresfrist im Duo mit dem Pianisten Cecil Taylor als auch mit Benny Goodman auf. Viele ihrer Kompositionen gehören heute zum Kanon der afrikanisch-amerikanischen Musik.

Die vier Grössen des heutigen Jazz, der Saxophonist Oliver Lake, der Bassist Reggie Workman und der Schlagzeuger Andrew Cyrille und die Pianistin Geri Allen interpretieren die legendären Kompositionen Roll Em, New Musical Express oder What's Your Story, Morning Glory. Die MusikerInnen haben einen engen Bezug zu Mary Lou Williams. Andrew Cyrille trommelte als junger Schlagzeuger in der Band von Mary Lou Williams. Und die Pianistin Geri Allen spielt im Film Kansas City von Robert Altman in der Jazzband die Rolle von Mary Lou Williams.


Tio 3 played five evenings together with pianist Geri Allen in the New York jazz club Birdland, paying homage to the jazz pianist Mary Lou Williams. They presented fresh and individualistic interpretations of some of the most beautiful pieces of the "First Lady of Jazz". Intakt has recorded these evenings.

Mary Lou Williams was one of the most famous pianists of swing. She wrote arrangements for Duke Ellington and played in countless bands and orchestras. Her music grew from ragtime over swing and blues, but was also geared to modern harmony. Within the same year she performed in Carnegie Hall as a duo with pianist Cecil Taylor as well as with Benny Goodman. Today many of her compositions belong to the canon of African-American music.

The four greats of today's jazz, saxophonist Oliver Lake, bassist Reggie Workman, drummer Andrew Cyrille and the pianist Geri Allen deliver their interpretation of legendary compositions like Roll 'Em, New Musical Express or What's Your Story, Morning Glory. The musicians have a close relationship to Mary Lou Williams. In his early years Andrew Cyrille was drumming in Mary Lou Williams' band. And pianist Geri Allen played the role of Mary Lou Williams in Robert Altman's movie Kansas City.




To me, Mary Lou Williams, was a strong, very creative, sensitive and charitable person. Sometimes I would help her at her Bel Canto Foundation for musicians in need, sorting and filing clothes, etc. There, and at other times, and places, she would talk to me about music, life
and the music business. In my aspirations to grow and become a complete musician, she told me many things about playing drums, feeding my spirit and young mind with musical techniques, ideas and concepts. Also, on occasion, she would take me with her to the homes of other notable musicians like Thelonious Monk and Dizzy Gillespie. We would also go to Jazz clubs together to hear musicians play. In addition to hiring me to work with her for a couple of years, outside of music, she was a friend as well, in too many ways to mention here. What other kind of support could a young man of about 19 years old, finding his way in music, ask for? Thank you, Mary Lou.
Love, Andrew Cyrille, 2011


I first heard Mary Lou Williams in Washington D.C. when I was still a student at Howard University. She was performing with her trio in Georgetown, and I had a seat very close to the piano. I remember her carriage and grace, her powerful command of the instrument, and her trio. The joy and awe and the self-affirming moment I felt as I experienced her music «live» for the first time is unforgettable. My life has been changed, and my personal voice as a pianist and composer has been informed as a result. Like the student depicted in the Romare Bearden piece named for Mary Lou Williams, I was there to take my «Piano Lesson» like so many others have, and will. My students at the University of Michigan are also taking their piano lessons from Mary Lou Williams in salon settings, inspired by the famous salons she held at her home on Hamilton Terrace. Mary Lou William's music is totally transformative, and performing her compositions with Andrew whom she mentored, in collaboration with Reggie and Oliver, has been an amazing inspirational journey. These artists are not only my friends, but also musicians who have participated in innovative shifts in their own right, each is an absolute revolutionary in the music. Our experience together always presents something wonderful and unexpected, a new angle, a new direction to go toward, always attempting to get a bit closer to our living art, and with Mary Lou Williams as our muse, we celebrate her innovations, her fearlessness, her brilliance, her sustained creativity, and her humanity. Thank you to Father Peter O 'Brien and to the Mary Lou Williams Foundation, and her family for sharing her majesty with the world.
Geri Allen, 2011


Geri Allen, Oliver Lake, Reggie Workman, Andrew Cyrille, Birdland, New York, August 2010. Photo: Richard Conde



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