Ingrid Laubrock Saxophones, Marxophone
Liam Noble Piano, Marxophone
Tom Rainey Drums

Music by Ingrid Laubrock, Liam Noble, Tom Rainey
Recorded September 9, 2010 at Brooklyn Recording Studio by Andy Taub and Ben Liscio
Mixed by Katherine Miller, mastered by Andrew Tulloch, The Blue Studio, London
Liner notes: Harry Lachner | Cover art: Malene Bach | Photos: Cees van de Ven
Graphic design: Jonas Schoder

Intakt CD 189 / 2011

Nach dem grossen Erfolg ihrer ersten CD mit dem Trio Sleepthief legt die Saxophonistin Ingrid Laubrock eine zweite Studioplatte mit dem Pianisten Liam Noble und Tom Rainy vor: The Madness of Crowds. Der Münchner Musikkritiker Harry Lachner schreibt zur Aufnahme: "Musik konkretisiert sich in diesem Trio als eine freie Zirkulation von Klang- und Ideenströmen, die noch einmal – wie so oft in der improvisierten Musik – mit spielerischer Leichtigkeit von der Utopie einer offenen Individualität erzählen. Ein Leichtigkeit, die erst aus einem hartnäckigen, arbeitsvollen Ernst heraus zu gestalten ist."

"Hier wird mit einem starken Formsinn musiziert und einem Gespür für Poesie".
Christoph Wagner, NZZ

In this trio, music manifests itself as a free circulation of streams of sounds and ideas, which once again – as is often the case in improvised music – with playful ebullience tells of the utopia of open individuality. The kind of ebullience which can only arise out of a determined and indefatigable commitment. Harry Lachner, Liner Notes

"If you haven't heard Laubrock live during the last couple of years, you're in for a revelation. Here, on tenor and soprano, she is writing what amount to new dialects, if not full-blown languages, for her instruments. The visceral low-register phrases evoking bar-walking tenor players from an earlier age, and the precisely articulated high harmonics, are present as before, as are more conventionally played passages. But they're joined by a raft of new sounds and textures, some caressing, others disturbing, lyrical dream weavings and rude awakenings, which turn the saxophone inside out. To play like this requires wild imagination and extreme technical virtuosity, qualities Laubrock has in abundance.

Nic Jones, All About Jazz, USA

Liner notes of Harry Lachner dt + eg

Photos: Cees van de Ven


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