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Gunter 'Baby' Sommer reigns supreme as one of the greatest of all early FMP drummers, having worked with Peter Kowald, Wadada Leo Smith, Manfred Schoof, Peter Brotzmann and Connie Bauer. I didn't know about trumpeter & flugelhornist, Till Bronner, until this disc showed up but he is indeed something special. It turns out that Bronner also appears on a disc with jazz vocalist Mark Murphy.
This disc is superbly recorded, the duo sounds most enchanting in a clean, warm sounding studio. Mr. Sommer is often playing just cymbals or small percussive objects, creating his own specious magic while Mr. Bronner plays with elegance and often tender restraint. There a couple of select covers here, "Danny Boy" and "Duke Ellington's "In a Sentimental Mood". Danny Boy" is handled nicely with an incredible, elegant solo from Mr. Bronner. Mr. Sommer switches to just brushes on a piece called, "Flinke Besen", and sounds like Han Bennink when he is just playing lone snare drum. Mr. Sommer has down several duo (with Wadada Leo Smith & Ulrich Gumpert) and trio dates, each one wonderful in its own way. Mr. Sommer also plays jaw-harp on one piece and again knows how to coax magical, rhythmic accompaniment for this righteous duo. I had this disc on the other day at the store and a couple came up and asked what this enchanting music was..? They know that something special was going on here and you will as well.

Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery, New York ,Friday, August 17th, 2018    


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Robert Iannapollo, Cadence Magazine Print Edition, 2019






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